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Difference and Similarities in NSE and BSE

Before starting the difference and similarities in BSE and NSE, let’s start with their introduction what BSE and NSE is?

There are two Stock Exchanges in India:-

  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)

  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

Both are the stock exchange is regulated by SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India).

As we know NSE acronym for National Stock Exchange. It is India’s largest Stock Exchange and World’s third largest stock Exchange. It was established in November 1992.

It’s main objective is to establish trading worldwide with all types of security. Any one can trade in it, whether they are small trader or big.

Now if we talk about BSE then it acronym for Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia and it was established in 1875. It is located in Bombay.


  • The major difference in NSE and BSE is that BSE is tha oldest stock exchange while NSE is the largest Stock Exchange.

  • Members:- BSE has over 875 members and  NSE has around 1000 members.

  • Listed Company:-

             There are around 1500 companies or shares listed in NSE.

             There are around 5000 companies or shares listed in BSE.

  • Index:-

    Index for NSE is NIFTY ( National Fifty ).

    Index for BSE is SENSEX ( Sensitive Index).

  • BSE has 30 companies For SENSEX while NSE has 50 companies for NIFTY.

As we read above that 1500 company listed in NSE and 500 in BSE, there are some big trading companies that are listed in both BSE and NSE like Reliance, Infosys, TCS, HDFC bank, Ambuja Cement etc. But even though if a company has its listing in both, the prices of its share value may differ.


  • Location:- They both are located in Mumbai.

  • Regulator:- Both the companies are regulated by SEBI (Security Exchange Board Of India).

  • Objective:- BSE is created with the intention that it will regulate all over in India, while NSE is created to establish trading facilities worldwide.

Trade Volume:-

BSE has more companies listed than NSE, even though trade volume is more in NSE. Thus and also there are more buyers and sellers in NSE than BSE.

BSE and NSE takes place an important place in share market. Both of this comprises of technology and methods that are easy to understand by any trader.

If you want to do trading in any one of them, you should have Online Trading account.

Traders invest their money in stock market with the hope of good profit, but we can’t predict what is going to be happen, it’s always uncertain.

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