“Budget 2014-15 is a directional budget, we have laid down a roadmap” – Arun Jaitley

When there are chaos everywhere regarding the budget presented last week and mixed reactions are found on different channels of media it is interesting to know the views of the minister who prepared and presented it. Thus there are few interviews in a row after the budget session in which the minister explains about his perspective and planning for the whole financial year. The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley after presenting the budget in parliament turned to media and stated that, it is the best possible budget with the limited funds left by the previous government. All the measures taken for the uplift of the economic condition of the country.

In an interview Arun Jaitley said that, it is a directional and focused budget contains a roadmap which may lead our country to a successful future. When a question asked by the interviewer, “how volatile the budget is?”. He answered, when talking about policies it is volatile and unlimited but if look towards existing money and resources then it is quite limited.

He further explained the interpretation of the maneuverability as, when it is about policies it is unlimited due to implementation of new ideas and opportunities made by the new government. There are lots of things which are simplified and lots were modified for the convenience of common taxpayer. According to him, it is not easy and practical to pleased everyone at the same time but the government tried the best to cover every sector in the budget.

Also there are certain things which are left complicated by the UPA Government, he tried to resolve some of them by certain new ideas. As it were previously explained that the money in vault is limited for the execution, he use to try the optimum utilization of it.

He further added that, when the media go through the first part of his speech they will notice that, he denoted the budget as the directional one because the changes introduced are keeping the growth bar of 8% in mind. The government used to expect and working very seriously towards achieving that target.

On the question about tax policies and reforms he specified that, the new tax policies are very essential to increase the income and use it in the various fields like infrastructure development. If the basic manufacturing section is not growing, they insert some relaxation on the raw materials to increase the productivity and meanwhile consumption of the products. The government want the people will save as well as buy more with the present budget.

He joined in further interview that, most of the changes are inserted to support every class of the people. Tax slabs got increased to lessen the burden and provide relaxation in the saving schemes to increase the habit of secured investment among the people.

He stated to the interviewer that, “I have gone in that direction which I think is the correct direction and the beginning of the journey.” indicating towards the journey of growth.

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