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Epic Research Investment Adviser – How To Sell Shares And Book Profit

Epic Research Investment Adviser knows the curiosity of beginner’s and the amount of profit they are expecting from every sell or purchase.

When someone got into or recently started trading then the excitement drove them to a different world, but to book desirable profit it is necessary to keep your nerves under control. Selling the stocks to get profit and moving the funds on another stocks is the strategy people following from many decades but ‘TIME’ is the key factor which decide your maximum return.

‘TIME’ of selling the stocks is very important in both long run as well as short time period stocks. Thus, regularly invest in the stock and hold it if you doesn’t require the money, the duration can streach from a year to two. This is a smart strategy to stay invested and don’t use that fund in other purpose because it is the key point to decide your profit.

It is advised that – Don’t jump into conclusions suddenly whether it is about buying or selling the stocks. If you are having shares and you are looking for a chance to sell them to book maximum profit then sell them one by one rather than in a single sell. The positive part of this decision is that- if there is more profit margin then you can go for it as well.

Stay invested for a long run is so necessary to learn as well as earn a good amount of profit. Make a mindset that the money you want to invest will never be used for one or two years. After deciding that you can smoothly study the market and pick out the more funds as return on investment. If you are going for the money you invested so shortly then it will didn’t give that benefits you are looking for. Thus, it is beneficial to have the whole amount you have decided must be invested and never be used for any stupid reason. Don’t go for that amount if you did not want it so desperately.

Epic Research Investment Adviser advised that, following the above techniques one can book an attractive amount on selling the shares.


Epic Research Investment Adviser – Myths About The Stock Market Investment

Epic Research Investment Adviser support learning and understand the working of stock and share market and completely deny any rumor or myth about it. It is the knowledge and experience which helped us to know the reality of this wider world of opportunities.

As a common citizen of India, it is advised us to stay away from the stock market because of the myths people having. Thus it is very important to know the reality and took the decisions based on logical facts. Regardless of the wide opportunity of getting best returns there are common myths which often arise and put the traders and beginners in trouble. There are few which are commonly faced everyday.

MYTH 1 : Stock Market is a gamble

This one is the most common myth we have to listen everyday atleast once, and not a single trader is there who haven’t faced it. It is true that, this is nothing but a myth because generating profit is not a magic but it is based on deep analysis of the market and taking logical decisions at a particular point of time. Investors are continuously trying to access true information and constantly practicing on their segment. It took years for them to gain expertise even though there are few chances of loss. The best part of having knowledge and experience in stock market is, the traders are prepared for the loss and try to lessen them through different tactics.

MYTH 2 : Stock Market is the Club of Rich People

People thought that they might lost all their savings if they try their hands on first time, this will lead to the evolution of this myth that only rich people can survive because they can bear the losses but if you will choose a safe strategy and took right decisions then slowly but surely can earn the profit.

MYTH 3 : Once you loose then you get the profit for sure

This is same concept like if you failed in an examination at first attempt, you can pass it in the second one, but this is not possible if you didn’t do hard work and brush up your knowledge for the second attempt. In stock market, if you lost then it is necessary to learn it before making another attempt of trading.

MYTH 4 : The stock goes up must come down

This is not the thumb rule and thus it is a myth and only fools can believe it. There are few moments in the market when you notice an unexpected ‘hype’ for particular stocks which become normal afterwards but this is not true for every stock and also not in every trading session.

MYTH 5 : You can Do-It-Yourself

Having some knowledge is usually better than nothing but taking decision on that knowledge is not a good idea in the field of stock market. Having an adviser is a good idea to overcome the situation but do not rely them fully. It is always better to cross check or safely ask the substitute.

MYTH 6 : More is the risk, more is the profit

People generally put all their money once and call it ‘RISK’ but, there is a difference in risk and foolishness. Taking risk is a good decision only when you have some covers to overcome the losses.

Hence, it is better to leave the myths with the adoption of knowledge and learn about the market so that you can do well with your investment.


Epic Research Investment Adviser – Do Your Research Before Investing In stock Market

Epic Research Investment Adviser understands the value of research in any sort of investment – short term as well as long term.

Stock Market is very huge and plays an important in the economy of the country. If you want to see any type of fluctuation in near future or want to study the past performance, go through the movements of the market and there you get the wider view of the economy.

This concept also works for the investment you have put or going to put in the market. Therefore, it is essential to do research on the market to have secure and fruitful returns. This took some time but very beneficial in long run of the investment career. The things on which you have to focus while doing research are –

The very recent report : To know the current position and decide about future scope firstly check the recent changes, updates, announces and launch of the stocks.
Annual Report : Though it is the document of the performance in the last year but provide the scenario in the whole year.
Report of last quarter : It is as useful as the recent report but a brief description of the currently performing assets.
Proxy Statements : It includes all the information about the Board of Directors as well as management pay and shareholder proposals, helpful to know about the future plans and their interpretation on the market value.
Previous report/statistics : A report shows data or statistic about past five to ten years of performance. This one act as the performance chart showing ups and downs in past few years.
Media/Social Presence : This also act as one of the key factor in the market value. The reason behind it is, people are aware of the media and social presence of the firm or organization.

Epic Research Investment Adviser supports the ease of learning and research before actually going through an investment plan.


Epic Research Investment Adviser : OPEC’s Oil Decision And Its Impact On Market

Epic Research Investment Adviser keeping track of the market movements and special happenings which may affect the market very closely. As you all heard in the news that the oil prices goes down to the lowest in past four years, it not only affect the commodity market but also a factor of changes in the currency market.

As we all knew oil isn’t found everywhere, perhaps it is one of the most important natural resource in the world. No country can run without it and they require it for almost every work like – to travel, for domestic purpose, to run technology, automobiles and for lots of things. Thus the countries having oil refineries export it to the other nations. This doesn’t make such countries the only economy influencer but make them a key player in the world economy.

What is in the News?

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), cut down the prices of crude oil. There is a drop was seen on the prices. In a meeting of the OPEC member countries, it was announced that they would maintain the level of production high, inspite of the fact that the member countries decided to push a cut in the production to boost the prices. After the announcement on the last month, few drops in the oil prices have been seen.

As some of the Gulf countries are concerned about their economies if the production is same but all states are not negative. OPEC’s decision of not dropping the production showed its confidence on those members of the organization which are having good financial reserves. If such Gulf states cut the production the process may damage the market condition.

Therefore, it might be understood that OPEC’s opinion and the decision of Gulf states affect the crude oil presence and market conditions. Brent crude settled at below $62 a barrel on Friday after the world energy watchdog forecast even lower prices on weaker demand and larger supplies next year.

For more market updates go through our next posts.

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