Union Budget 2015-16 India Predictions : Unlikely to be an ‘incremental’ Budget

Manish Chokhani of Enam Holdings believes the bullrun is definitely here to stay. However, in the short-term, he says the upcoming Budget will be the deciding factor in just how this bullrun unfolds.

Speaking at the Axis Capital Conference titled “India on the move”, he says the sustainability of this bullrun will depend on what moves the government makes in getting India’s economic growth back on track, and just how it brings back investors.

Manish Chokhani said that he expects this government to present a pathbreaking or a bold, pragmatic business growth oriented Budget.

“It is unlikely that we will see an incremental Budget or at least that is the hope at this point in time,” he said. “But we have been disappointed in the past. Let us hope the Finance Minister delivers this time around on the growth promise that he has made.”

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