Union Budget 2015-16 India Suggestion : FM needs to kickstart investment cycle

India today requires an accelerated rate of economic growth because we require jobs. We require 10 million jobs a year for the next 10 years. How do we kickstart investments, that is the question and with that in mind we have talked about giving incentives or making it easier for investments to happen so that it becomes viable.

So one side is the investment, but the other side we have also said one must move towards increasing consumption and savings and for that we have recommended instead of Rs 2.5 lakh as cut-off for income tax, please raise that. Please give other benefits to individuals who can have savings or have money for investments.

So we have to look at both sides but the objective is in the national interest of what is good for the growth of the economy so that we can provide jobs for our 10 million jobs a year for the next ten years and we have to give that a kickstart.

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