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21 Most Important Investment Strategies For Every Traders

There is no predefined formula for trading in call option put option or any other sector of the stock market. Everyone has to create its own path and rules to get profitable returns in this place. Most of the time, market is moderate in nature and only through experience and futuristic vision one can achieve the desired success as well as money.

This is very important to put aside your dilemma and discover the route of triumph. Your rules and strategy based on that rules, is the key of favorable results for you. There are some simple tips or you can say ‘points to remember’ considering which one can follow the path of desired outcome.

    1. Plan your investment. It is mandatory to have a strategy to follow before entering in the financial market.
    2. Learn Everyday. You did not invest everyday, sometimes it is good to wait and you can utilize the time to read the movements just like experts do.
    3. Include discipline in your approach. It is not necessary that if someone told that market-place is perfect to invest and you start buying without wasting any time. Be disciplined, its your money and you can double it with your wisdom also.
    4. Put your surplus amount. Considering the uncertain nature of the field don’t invest the amount you can not afford to loose.
    5. Never get emotional. Do not let your emotions possess the analysis and decisions it may badly harm your gains in future.
    6. Come out of your losses. Every day is not same, if you loose today you can win tomorrow.
    7. Proper research is the key to success. To identify the appropriate shares, one have to go for good research and analysis.
    8. Understand firstly, then invest. Don’t take the investment as shares deal, take it as a business opportunity.
    9. Believe in knowledge not intuition. Go for online and off-line research on the section you want to invest, do not go for those you are not aware of.
    10. Make a detailed portfolio. Strong portfolio shows your past performances and help in the future moves.
    11. Believe on real time situations only. It is not a magic or miracle so, do not expect any outcome based on unreal assumptions.
    12. Achieve expertise in at least one style. It is not necessary that you must know each and every thing related to the shares but try to master one segment and be average on the others.
    13. Be flexible. It is not a wise decision to stick on a strategy which id not working for you. Variation can be done on investment strategies to get results.
    14. Pick the charts for help. It is good to consider the charts and tracksheets for better decision.
    15. Trade for long time. Do not hurry for gains, stay in the market for long time for better returns rather than small achievements.
    16. Adopt new tools. You can connect with technology and use new tools, softwares to analyze the market.
    17. Learn from mistakes. Mistakes are the better teacher than the achievements, do not forget this rule.
    18. Beware of hype situations. Sometimes there are rumors or hype about some stocks and shares. Be careful about them.
    19. Always have a safe side. It is necessary to defend some of the shares or stocks, this habit may help you in the long run.
    20. Avoid repeating mistakes. You must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Do not allow yourself to repeat the mistakes.
    21. Last but not the least – Ready for the loss. Ever after so much study and considerations, sometimes market doesn’t return you the same you have expected from it. Do not loose hope, it is the part of the success story of future.


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