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How The Waves Of Election Affect The Indian Stock Market

From the past six months the waves of election flow in the air and affects our lives in many ways. As the Asia’s third largest economy hold a strong financial presence in the world economy, many investors are looking positively towards Indian Stock Market. As, it is considered as the world’s biggest elections people are very hopeful that the results can implement the most awaited financial and economic reforms in the form of a boost up in the stocks trading inspire of the depressing performance in the past year 2013. Read More »

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How to Create Strategy To Invest in the Stock and Capital Market in India

We all are very use to of the stock market and the return of investment people got from here. It is one of the popular field where one can increase their earning with the small amount of money. Other sectors of investment like property and real estate become very expensive and people buy them for personal use and not for the investment purpose. But this is also true that not everyone succeed in it. Thus it is very important to know the basic way to face the lowest loss and highest income in this market. Read More »

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Indian Market – Apple of Traders and Investor’s Eyes

India falls among the top 10 largest growing economy in the world market. Financial predictors are looking forward towards its growth and movement of market. India is called as ‘YOUNG COUNTRY’ because of the percentage of youngsters in the country. Around 50% of the population is below the age of 30 years. In addition to that, 20% of the population living in the metro cities and create a huge market of opportunity for foreign investment. This environment give rise to various investment opportunities in India. Read More »

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