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How are automated trading systems beneficial for traders?

A Blue Sales Stock Market Analysis Illustration

A Blue Sales Stock Market Analysis Illustration

Automated trading systems facilitate traders to execute their trade orders via computer automatically. They just need to establish certain rules for both entry and exit entries. Once programmed then trade orders will be automatically executed. These automated trading systems are sometimes also referred as algorithmic trading. The rules of entry and exit can be simple conditions or complicated strategy sometimes depending upon the requirement of a trader. One of the biggest advantages of using automated trading system is that the role of emotions is completely eliminated as trade orders are automatically placed once the required set of conditions are met.All the executed orders will be reflected in Demat account. Traders can take suggestions from market experts on Stocks Tips and consider them while giving instructions to their system for better results.
Once a rule is successfully designed, the computer will monitor the market and look for buy or sell opportunities as indicated by the trading strategy. Most recognized benefits of the automated trading system are discussed as follows:
1)Easily back test the results
Using historic data a trader can check the viability of a trading strategy which he is using before applying it live. When an automated trading system is designed all rules are to be explicitly mentioned. There is no room for assumptions and interpretations. Traders can apply their strategy on historic data and understand its results without actually risking their money in the market.
2)Reduce the effect of emotions
Since trading strategy is pre-decided once the specifications are met trade order is automatically executed by the computer. Therefore traders will not further hesitate or doubt on their strategy.
3)Disciplined trading process
At the beginning itself, trade rules are established and based on those rules trade order is automatically executed. When the market is volatile, then also a trader can perform a disciplined trading with an automated trading system . Often due to impatience, fear, assumptions discipline is lost. Also, pilot errors are eradicated.
4)Reduce the amount of time to be devoted to trading
Often there are traders who are willing to trade but do not have sufficient time for it. The automated trading system can be a great advantage to them. As with this, there is no more need to sit and monitor market. All you need to do is give system all the required details and accordingly your orders will be placed in the market.
5)Overcome the challenges raised by different market conditions
Some traders fail or face difficulty to decide when to pull the trigger. They can successfully trade in the market overcoming this barrier with the help of automated trading system.
With above-mentioned advantages, an automated trading system has some disadvantages as well like mechanical failure, over optimization by traders while back testing. Depending upon their requirements a trader can decide he should go for automated trading or not. As it has its own boons and banes. Using smart trading practices are beneficial. Financial advisors like Epic Research offers services like stock market trading tips which are helpful in managing risk and returns.

Mustafa Nadeem, CEO Of Epic Research Private Limited share his views on Market

Technical charts suggest +ve momentum: Some technical analysts believe a pullback rally might be on the cards. “The bulls have entered the lower band of the current consolidation zone of 7,700-7,900 for the near term. A harami pattern and a bullish reversal pattern formed in a downtrend preceded by a big red candle indicate that the bulls are not letting the current momentum to be in favour of the bears. We expect the market to sustain the support zone of 7,700 and may see consolidation to continue with a strong resistance at 7,900,” said Mustafa Nadeem, CEO, Epic Research.

“A buy signal will be generated if we have confirmation of breach of the upward resistance line at 7,770, as we have already closed above the 50-day SMA,” said Nadeem.

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Stock Tips to Getting Highest Return From Trading

Investing in share market is not easy. Before you invest your precious money in share

market, you need to know that it takes a commitment of time. If you don’t have sufficient

time to look after your investments, then so many other options available for you. New

Traders who are very interested and passionate about equity market, if you have

little knowledge about the market than you should follow these stock tips.

Although trading doesn’t demand plenty of time and money, but it is still vital to provide

the best stock tips and training to take them right decisions. To create value in Equity

Market, here is a little glossary with few Stock tips that you should follow before you

jump in.

Planning & Strategy -­ Ask yourself Before you trade. Are you ready to trading?

What amount of your portfolio would it be a good idea for you to risk on any one Trade?

Before you start a trade, set your goals, targets and risk. Trading in the share market is a

battle of losing and profits and if you are able to face that challenge emotionally and

mentally you can start trading.

Preparation – ­ You should aware about what is going on around the world? When you’re

preparing to start trading, you must have basic knowledge of stock market. You should

read few trading sites offer wide research opportunities, including postings of stock tips

and blogs by fruitful financial specialists.

Be prepared to analysis your stock trading attentively and then build a plan for how you

will handle the stocks you have picked. As you’re getting ready to trade, prefer a small

group of stocks to familiarize yourself with and concentrate just on these at first.

Remember your trading area should not offer interruption, this is a business and

distractions can be expensive.

Discipline­ – Greed is not good. Traders should setting breaking points on their profits and

lose in a day. Trading is a long, learning process. You will make mistakes, but you should

learn from them. Discipline is one of the must follow stock tips amongst all of them to get

success in this field.

Expand your investment ­- One of the basic stock tips is to manage your risk is to

enhance your investment. Rather than investing in single company experienced

stockholders own stocks of diverse businesses, with the desire that a solitary awful

occasion won’t influence the greater part of their investment.

It’s vital stock tips for an investor to have the capacity to pursue a chart and have the

right tools so that their trades executed perfectly. Investing in the share market according

to the above stock tips is an awesome chance to make large amounts of money. Before

making your initial stock investment, take the time to learn the basic stock tips about the

stock market. You should begin trading as quickly as you want, invest in share market,

and get the most noteworthy return. We believe that if you read all the stock tips

carefully, you will take better decisions when purchasing and offering your stocks.


Acche Din Aane Wale Hai!!………………… Be patient..!



As we complete a year of BJP Government, looking back at our people,#economy and activities from #parliament to the #manufacturing, many things have changed and changed the perspective of India at large. A year Back BJP government came into power with decisive mandate. The mandate was given mainly due to a wind of change that came from hopes and aspirations of a common man. By Common man, I mean from roadside purveyor to a leading business house. All of them were seeking change which was much needed in the economy which was looking down due to many Scams which happened at record number of times in past few years, rising #inflation which was sweeping away every next rupee from the pockets and to add insult to injury was rising #fiscaldeficit, #policy paralysis and #black money. These are just to name afew.

Narendra Modi, who turned Gujarat into a Business hub and yes , A pro-Business, politician who became the face of BJP and turned this anger of common man into hopes and aspirations and gave quotes like #congressmuktbharat, #wewantchange and as it completed one year we have a new slogan #SaalekShuruatAnek. One year has been fairlywell, if not what we can call tremendous. As the expectations arehigher we can say #Modi Government has delivered some substantial results in last one year. The first and most crucial thing to noticeis that there is less policy paralysis in terms of comparison and wecan point out this government to be policy driven.

The “ModiSarkar” has fairly given some good policies as it has kept most dimensions in mind while preparing them like #JanDhan Yojna for worlds largest Financial Inclusion to #MUDRA Bank which will pave way for SME and MSME. #Make in India is one step towards making India a manufacturing hub and recent visits of PM to more than 16 Countries and inviting and promoting this campaign makes us to believe government is serious about it. #Digital India, #SmartCity programs are looking to be “ideal” in terms of India’s growth towards being a top #emerging market in coming years attracting more business houses in next few years. The revival will be seen in next few years only and only if there are structural reforms done.

If we look at numbers Many things have changed. To point out, Lok Sabhahas been most productive in last 15 years recording at 123%.Transparent auction of Coal and Spectrum, Setting up NITI aayog andhaving all states chief ministers showcases cooperative federalism,Commitment to reduce fiscal deficit and a much praised dis-investmentof PSU’s are recent example of government steps towards its goals.Liberalization of FDI in Insurance, Defence and railways, Easing the cost of dong business, encouraging the PPP model as well are some of the sectoral reforms which are seen as steps to fiscal consolidation.Not to mention, Some of the rating houses are now overweight on India amongst EM and projects the GDP surpass 8% in coming years or 2018 to be specific. Modi government, Not Just Mandate, but was also blessed with benign crude oil prices, reducing gold prices and other international commodities which acted as Cherry on the cake for him.

Pricediscounts everything”. The Indian equity market has been the out performer across the global markets in terms of returns though 2015 has been a year of negative return which shredded its gains in 2014 after the government took charge. The Indian equity markets are in a mother of all bull market and is in a early stages of a wave where we will see a lot of involvement of each and every investor, from retail to HNI. The Minimum alternative Tax regime and India not being a Taxhaven is what has put FII’s in jeopardy. The GST bill and the Land bill which are stuck in Rajya sabha where the government is out numbered will be a critical stage for the government and it will try to push these bills towards select committee without wasting anytime.

In a year we have seen reducing #Inflation, #IIP growth at 2.6% which was much better than expectation, Moody’s rating of #India became stable,Indian markets also gave a decent amount of returns of +13.3% are just some initial numbers to look for. The reforms have been made which are substantial and structural in nature. We need to have more patience and see what these changes will have effect on Indian economy. Though #Modi Government should focus more on consumption,Public investment and Private investment. The make in India is a Dream program but getting it on land is the other side of the story. Digital India is what needs to be in focus as we heads towards 2020 but implementation must be there at lowest level and end user should be benefited in coming years completely. Setting up #SIT and deal with #Swiss tax authorities to make sure #Black money is on the way home and transparent coal and spectrum auction is definitely a praised action to improve image of India Inc. But we are yet to see pick up in services export which continues to be in downtrend along with merchandise trade which may boost the economic activities. India Inc. till now is reliant on the consumption and public investment but much need to be done to make sure it is encouraged at every level by adopting more methods. With All Said and being done “Ache din aayenge” But we need to be more patient and at least be happy there is no scam in a year.


Lovelesh Sharma


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