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Please follow below mentioned strategies for better trades:

1) Do trade in all calls.

2) Trade with equal lots/amount in all calls.

3) Trade according to the given levels only.

4) Always trade with Stop Loss only.

5) Trade in those calls which you get through SMS or Link only.

Kindly note that investment is subjected to market risk and Epic do not guarantee any kind of assured return and thus we do not have any refund policy. Please do trade in all our calls provided through SMS or web link only. Epic Research do not commit or assure any guaranteed returns, if so found in any of our communication please inform us.

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Epic Research Article in CR Magazine..-page-005

There is another feather in Epic’s cap, an honour, a milestone in the path of success. Successfully working in the field of financial services, the awards and honours achieved by Epic Research boost our enthusiasm, and build more credibility among the clients. India’s one of the prestigious financial magazine Consultants Review published a list of ‘Top 25 Promising Financial Consulting Companies’ in its recent edition which also includes Epic Research in it and a full page interview with CEO Mr Mustafa Nadeem. This is a special reason to feel glad on this achievement by Epic Research Private Limited, Indore.

Why it is so special?

After getting Service Excellence Award last year, got listed in the 25 topmost companies in India is like another feather in the cap. Epic Research Investment Adviser work with clients to develop their individualized financial investment strategies. After having this honour of pride we become more credible to our clients.

Way To Success

As Mr Mustafa Nadeem added in his interview with the CR team, the journey was not so easy and people didn’t believe on the advice thought it is for the purpose of increasing turnover only but when the market fall, investors realize the importance of financial advisory. Now at Epic, we convert an ordinary trader into a professional investor with the understanding of the positive and adverse movement of the market. This knowledge helps the traders to plan their proper entry level, profit booking level and also stop loss level to face the minimal amount of loss and maximum amount of profit. The journey didn’t stop there and the company is planning to wider their span tot he global markets like Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia and Middle East and achieve the same expertise. This is just the beginning and the way to success is far ahead.


Epic Research Investment Adviser Launching Heidelberg Cement Fundamental Report



#HeidelbergCement is a German multinational building materials company headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. It is a DAX 30 Corporation. In 2010, it was the world’s third largest #cement producer, the market leader in aggregates and fourth in ready-mix concrete. In 2010 the company produced around 78 million tonnes of cement.

Epic Research Private Limited had made it’s fundamental report, here it is: –

You can get the detail of HeidelbergCement fundamental report in the link given below.

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