Effects Of IPL 2019 On The Stock Market

Effects of IPL 2019 on the Stock Market

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Year 2019 is going to be a very important year for stock market. This year brings lots of opportunity to make money,so don’t just rest on your bed for the whole day and think about earning. Wake up! its your year convert this opportunity and start making money.

There are several major events like Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019,General Election (5 Reasons To invest before 2019 General Election) and Cricket world-cup (ODI) which are golden opportunity for everyone who invest in stock market.

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Now there might be a question arising in your mind that “how can an IPL (a cricket tournament) affect stock market?” So the answer is simple, Thought the IPL 2019 is not directly related to stock market but it can give some important insights to invest in the stock market.

I came up with key takeaways for investors or traders from IPL 2019 and will help you to look at the 5 key lessons to learn from IPL 2018. This lessons are based on the quality and quantitative analysis to provide you the best insights…..

Below are the 5 Key Lessons to learn from IPL 2018 :

Lets look at all the 5 key lessons in details which can help us this year not make the same mistakes again and lose the opportunity to earn lot of money through this events.

  • Diversify risk : Just like the IPL captain does,taking risk with the extra bowler instead of main bowler in such a hard wicket because his focus is adding one more wicket to extra, Investors should also spread their risk just like the captain. So lower the risk you start off with while investing ,the higher are your chances of being profitable.
  • Do the Maths Before Investing : Investor should focus on various aspects such as External Environment, understanding the stock and the main structure just like an IPL captain does before the match (Condition of Pitch, weather etc ) .
  • Strategic Time-out : Just like in an IPL the whole game changes after a strategic time-out taken by the captain with a new strategy to come-up the game again, Investor or a traders should also focus on their strategic time-out in the stock market because by just talking and thinking about the investments you are likely to develop only one track mind. So take your strategic time-out to rethink, re-strategic and then re-assemble.

  • Construct Your Portfolio : Your portfolio must have a mix of bonds,equities, gold and liquid assets together just like an IPL team has a mixture of aggression and defensiveness, pace and spin,youth and experience etc. in order to take challenges in the market.
  • Points to Focus in portfolio : “How did an IPL team Captain manage to defend 3 low scores consistently? Only-bowling alone is not the answer. He managed to tighten the fielding in the last few overs to an extent where there was little room for the batsmen,”. So for all the investor or traders it must be noticed that in your portfolio there are key impact points. “Just focus on them and your portfolio returns will be taken care of,”

I Hope this points will help you to get steps forward in IPL 2019 and help you make lot of money in the stock market. So wake up and start it from today because there is no tomorrow. Let me know in the comment box if you have any better suggestion regarding this topic.

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