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Knock At The Door of Fortune by Investing in Share Market

Many people thought that Share Market is a gamble and only lucky people got returns from it but this is not the real truth. Any trader can earn greatest profit with deep understanding, knowledge and analytic skills. It is a huge platform, where an individual can select the category to invest and also the limit of amount he or she want to put. Therefore, it is better to know about it first rather than ignoring it because of the myths and rumors in the past. To have a good understanding of this vast field it is important to know about its various segments where you can invest.

  1. Equity Market : It is also known as ‘cash’ segment. Here one can buy and sell the shares of a company after tracking the growth or downfall. A trader can do business within a day or in long term. When the trade (buying and selling) is done in a single session it is known as Intraday Trading. When the trade continues for another day it is called Delivery Trading. It is further divided into two segments – Future and Options.

  1. Future Segment : It is different from the previous one. The main difference is, in cash- the share didn’t get expired and you can trade even after many years but in future- the shares got expired on every last Thursday of the current month. If you have purchased a share on last Thursday of the month then it got expired at the closing time of the session and automatically the selling occurs. In this case, it is your intraday trade otherwise there is only Positional Short Sales are possible in FUTURE.

  1. Options Segment : It is another instrument of the derivatives. The underlying assets are same as the future contract. Here, you can ‘CALL‘ or ‘PUT‘ the contracts according to the market behavior. It is advisable to ‘call’ when market is bullish and ‘put’ when it is bearish. It is popular as the least risky part of the cash market because the loss is limited and profit is unlimited. One can earn maximum amount according to the knowledge.

  1. Commodity Segment : It is also same as the previous two segments but having a different scope. Also, the products on which you invest the money are different. The expiry date is also not fixed but pre-decided. And one important factor is, an investor need different trading account (other than account for cash trading) if want to do business in the commodity section.

  1. Currency Segment : In this section, currencies of different countries are traded. Just like the cash segment, currency future and currency options are also traded. Its expiry is different and no cross selling is possible. Positional Short Selling is done in this sector. There are many factors affect this market because the money of different countries involve in this section.

As we all knew that, the profit is uncountable and therefore the risk is also there. But, the most exciting factor is that, one can earn information through various sources or hire professional experts from a stock market advisory company providing the related services. After following the recommendations and analysis, you can open the door of a wealthy future for you and your family as well.

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