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HighLights Of Railway Budget 2016 by Suresh Prabhu

  • 1:02 pm: We’ll increase the advertising revenue by more than four times this year.
  • 1:03 pm: 33% sub-quota for women under all reserved categories.
  • 1:04 pm: Drones to be used for remote monitoring physical monitoring of ongoing projects.
  • 1.04 pm: Ajmer, Amritsar, Gaya, Mathura, Nanded, Nashik, Puri, Tirupati, Varanasi, Nagapattinam and other pilgrim stations to be beautified
  • 1:07 pm: I’m setting aside Rs. 50 crore for providing innovation grants to start-ups.
  • 1:09 pm: Two dedicated freight corridors by 2019.
  • 1:10 pm: The companies owned by Railways to come under a holding company.
  • 1:13 pm: Suresh Prabhu concludes his rail budget speech.

HighLights Of Railway Budget 2016 by Suresh Prabhu

  • 12:51 pm: We’re skilling of front-end staff employed through service providers.
  • 12:52 pm: Children’s menu, baby foods, baby boards to be made available for travelling mothers.
  • 12:52 pm: Coolies will be called ‘Sahayaks‘.
  • 12:53 pm: We have also revamped our internal audit system with view to bringing in efficiency in working practices.
  • 12:54 pm: We’ll install GPS-based digital display in coaches for showing upcoming stations.

  •  12:54 pm: We intend taking up on priority passenger amenities and beautification of stations.

  • 12.56 pm: Cold storage to be set up in vacant lands near warehousing facilities
  • 12:56 pm: We intend to publish Rail Bandhu magazine in all regional languages.
  • 12:57 pm: I propose to invite FM radio stations to provide train borne entertainment via PA systems:
  • 12:58 pm: Ring Railway to be redeveloped in partnership with the Delhi government.

  • 12:59 pm: We will work with Karnataka State Government for suburban rails.

HighLights Of Railway Budget 2016 by Suresh Prabhu

  • Baby milk and hot water to be provided in trains
  • Insurance companies being asked to provide optional travel insurance to passengers prior to travel
  • Railway stalls to over-the-counter medicine
  • Local cuisine of choice to be made available to the passengers
  • IRCTC will begin to manage catering service in phased manner.
  • We’ll open cancellation facility through 139 helpline number.
  • Overnight double-decker trains to be introduced on business travel routes.
  • We intend to commence wi-fi system at 100 stations this year in partnership with Google:
  • A full-fledged Railway University soon.
  • On Make in India, we were able to finalise two locomotive of Rs 40,000 cr, says Suresh Prabhu
  • The cleaning of toilets by requests through SMS.

  •  CCTV network has been provided at 311 railway stations.

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