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There is another feather in Epic’s cap, an honour, a milestone in the path of success. Successfully working in the field of financial services, the awards and honours achieved by Epic Research boost our enthusiasm, and build more credibility among the clients. India’s one of the prestigious financial magazine Consultants Review published a list of ‘Top 25 Promising Financial Consulting Companies’ in its recent edition which also includes Epic Research in it and a full page interview with CEO Mr Mustafa Nadeem. This is a special reason to feel glad on this achievement by Epic Research Private Limited, Indore.

Why it is so special?

After getting Service Excellence Award last year, got listed in the 25 topmost companies in India is like another feather in the cap. Epic Research Investment Adviser work with clients to develop their individualized financial investment strategies. After having this honour of pride we become more credible to our clients.

Way To Success

As Mr Mustafa Nadeem added in his interview with the CR team, the journey was not so easy and people didn’t believe on the advice thought it is for the purpose of increasing turnover only but when the market fall, investors realize the importance of financial advisory. Now at Epic, we convert an ordinary trader into a professional investor with the understanding of the positive and adverse movement of the market. This knowledge helps the traders to plan their proper entry level, profit booking level and also stop loss level to face the minimal amount of loss and maximum amount of profit. The journey didn’t stop there and the company is planning to wider their span tot he global markets like Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia and Middle East and achieve the same expertise. This is just the beginning and the way to success is far ahead.


Epic Research Investment Adviser – How To Sell Shares And Book Profit

Epic Research Investment Adviser knows the curiosity of beginner’s and the amount of profit they are expecting from every sell or purchase.

When someone got into or recently started trading then the excitement drove them to a different world, but to book desirable profit it is necessary to keep your nerves under control. Selling the stocks to get profit and moving the funds on another stocks is the strategy people following from many decades but ‘TIME’ is the key factor which decide your maximum return.

‘TIME’ of selling the stocks is very important in both long run as well as short time period stocks. Thus, regularly invest in the stock and hold it if you doesn’t require the money, the duration can streach from a year to two. This is a smart strategy to stay invested and don’t use that fund in other purpose because it is the key point to decide your profit.

It is advised that – Don’t jump into conclusions suddenly whether it is about buying or selling the stocks. If you are having shares and you are looking for a chance to sell them to book maximum profit then sell them one by one rather than in a single sell. The positive part of this decision is that- if there is more profit margin then you can go for it as well.

Stay invested for a long run is so necessary to learn as well as earn a good amount of profit. Make a mindset that the money you want to invest will never be used for one or two years. After deciding that you can smoothly study the market and pick out the more funds as return on investment. If you are going for the money you invested so shortly then it will didn’t give that benefits you are looking for. Thus, it is beneficial to have the whole amount you have decided must be invested and never be used for any stupid reason. Don’t go for that amount if you did not want it so desperately.

Epic Research Investment Adviser advised that, following the above techniques one can book an attractive amount on selling the shares.

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