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FM Mr. Jaitley to move forward on the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Committee (FSLRC) to adopt Indian Financial Code after talks with stakeholders. The RBI is bitterly opposed to some steps – especially shifting the powers of Governor to a monetary policy committee where the finance ministry has more nominees. Indian Depository Receipts to be revamped. Insurance sector regulations to be improved.


Budget 2014 : Oil and Gas bits

Key to budget subsidies. Gas grid to be built for another 15,000 km, double current level. Royalty rates on minerals to be revised this year.


Theory Of Sell On May And Buy In October For Current Stock Market Condition

“Sell in May and go away, come back on October Day” is the Indian version of a proverb mostly used in Great Britain. This is very true for the current Indian Stock Trading Tips and strategy. Actually, the economists are assuming that Indian economy will grow positively in not so far future, this assumptions give rise some theories for the investors with maximum possibility of profit. Normally, it is presumed that any purchase in the month of May give negative returns for equities, which is somewhere true for the Asian market but, this time the scenario is completely different. After, the newly formed government came into power the momentum of the stock market changed and we all seen a positive change in the financial reputation of the Indian Market. Read More »

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