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How The Waves Of Election Affect The Indian Stock Market

From the past six months the waves of election flow in the air and affects our lives in many ways. As the Asia’s third largest economy hold a strong financial presence in the world economy, many investors are looking positively towards Indian Stock Market. As, it is considered as the world’s biggest elections people are very hopeful that the results can implement the most awaited financial and economic reforms in the form of a boost up in the stocks trading inspire of the depressing performance in the past year 2013.

Domestic and overseas investors noticed positive changes in the market after Sept. 13, the declaration of Prime Ministerial candidate by Bhartiya Janta Party. This also affect Stocks and shares, Derivative Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Derivatives and whole capital market. The major one is, the hike in the value of Indian equities around 330 billion (in US Dollar) which is very conclusive in past 10 years.

Even after the elections and declaration of the results 11% rise in the value of the stocks was reported by the economists indicating that the flow will exist longer. The analysts believes that the new government surely do better in the economic growth of the country than the previous one which will strengthen the Indian Stock Market and incorporate new image in the world’s economy.

The advisories providing Share Tips and Stock Trading Tips will got a fabulous client following because many people would like to take the advantage of the current supportive market trends. This will lead to a good change in every sector of the capital market includes Currency Derivatives, Commodities, Nifty, Bank Nifty, Sensex, energy and infrastructure sectors, and so on. As it is hopeful that the new government revive the economic growth in India by boosting investment which is a good news for the investors.

In last five to ten years, India was facing so many financial problems which led to inflation and price rise in the country. It is reported that, the performance fall tremendously in     last 3-5 years. Nifty index which went high till 2007-08, fell down continuously till 2013. But, the year 2014 indicated better results in five months during the election time. Thus, it is expected that the new government will be able to solve such problems and gives a good hike to the economy. Also, a stable government will surely enlighten the way to India’s economic fortunes which will lead to a profitable stock market trading.

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